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Michelle Obama

What does Michelle Obama do when she’s horny?

She fucks the president.

Anti-jokes will take over my life now.

A prostate exam?

Just so you know…

If you are tanned (natural, sun or spray-on), and your lipstick makes you look like you just polished off a powdered donut, you’re probably doing fashion wrong.


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Reblogging because .. “God Dammit, I see what you did there”

Just somethin else you have to live with, I guess.


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I’ll Just Leave This Here of the Day: Discuss.


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Definition of multitasking.

Cybering with a guy friend (acquaintance).

Doing my research for my proposal for class.

Also doing my readings for my other class.

I am the queen of multitasking. The cybering is hilarious. I’ve had the hots for this guy for a bit, but when we first met, he had me pegged as a shy chick. Now he won’t stop booty calling me.

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Dear Tumblr,

No, you are not back in a few minutes. Unless few = FAR TOO FRICKEN MANY.

Cut it out.


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Dear girl beside me at Starbucks complaining about your bf to your bff,

If you break up with him and he tells you he wants you back because he loves you, then shows no sign of affection or love when you do indeed take him back, dump him.

If he tells you that you are wasting your time with him, because he isn’t serious relationship material, dump him.

If he’s saying the things you want to hear when you’re threatening to leave, but not doing the things you want to see when you come running back, dump him.

Girl, you can do so much better! If someone had copyrighted that term, they would be ballin rich right now because I’ve heard it a million times, but it’s true. We’re young! We’re educated! We’re hot, and we know how to use it! Boys are a dime a dozen but girls like us, we’re one in a million. Maybe he’ll make an excellent life partner one day. But you have to face the fact (which I admit I didn’t embrace too enthusiastically) that most guys our age haven’t reached full maturity. Moreover, they haven’t even reached our level of maturity. So give it time.


A prize to whoever guesses the correct number of clichés I’ve employed in this post, haha.

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